DID Phone Number

DID Phone Number

The Direct Inward Telephone number stands for DID numbers. They allow calls from any geographical area to be forwarded to any number in India.

Direct Inward Dialing, also known as DID, is a service provided to customers via a local company or carrier. DID allows a customer to have a number to dial into their private Branch Exchange and can also be used by a company. This can be done without needing a physical phone line to the telephone exchange.

An Ajoxi could rent 82 phone numbers from a My Country Mobile. These numbers can be used over eight phone lines for eight concurrent calls. Any call gets a busy message until they complete it. Or leave a voicemail.

Installation is simple

DiD is simple to configure and set up for domestic calling. If you have an Internet connection, you can make calls from anywhere in the world. We are also provid Lets Dial services.

These underlying networks don’t have to be part of any specific technology design. Your existing ATMs and Ethernet can all be used to create your network.

What exactly is a DID No?

DID numbers are Direct inward Calling numbers. A DID Number is an excellent benefit for your business. DID are the newest technology available in telecommunication

Toll-Free Forward

ns technology offers business owners the possibility to scale unlimitedly. DID numbers also take very little time and are easy to set up. All communications are smoothened by this. You can read more about the 413 area code.

A DID phone number with My Country Mobile doesn’t just provide crystal clear communications across your virtual network and customer base – it also comes with various additional features. We offer flexible 443 area code pricing plans and the opportunity to try our service for free, so you can see just how beneficial a DID phone number can be to your business.

You will be able to create your new DID in just minutes. Using your intuitive online dashboard, add and remove numbers, modify your settings, and more. We are also provided with My Virtual Phone.



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