Free Virtual phone number Spain

Free Virtual phone number in Spain

A virtual number can be used as a regular phone number.

Lets Dial Android allows you to make and receive calls from your smartphone or laptop.

Your Spanish virtual number will work like a regular phone number.

Calls to your phone number will result in the people who answer your call seeing your number.

Call Nation makes it easy to set up your new Spain number. We offer simple rate packages that allow you to tailor your service to any business.

What’s the virtual Spain number?

Virtual numbers are those that connect over the Internet.

How can you get a Spain phone number?


It’s quick and easy to start with a virtual number in Spain with The drop-down list at the top of the page will show you a selection of number format options. After that, you can search for Spain’s phone number and select from our extensive inventory. Once you have decided on your choices, you can order everything online. You can also see the 418 area code.

Spain’s best number for calling?

Obtaining a Spanish phone number is easy. Fill out your details, and you’ll get them within minutes.

What is Spain called?

Spain has nine numbers for phone numbers. Depending on which country you are calling, the first two characters could be different. Before dialing international phone numbers, it is recommended that you use the 470 area code. For example, 34XXXXXXX. Spain uses nine characters for its phone numbers. Spanish phone numbers started with the country number 34. Depending on the specific area, the number of starting digits needed to call Spanish landline numbers or VoIP numbers will vary.

Different types

Three options are available for virtual phone numbers in Spain.

  • There are many cities.
  • These numbers refer to regions such as (91) Madrid or (93) Barcelona. Spain uses many numbering systems.
  • Numbers in the country
  • These numbers are not related to any particular city. These numbers are used primarily for business purposes, starting at 902.
  • Toll-free number
  • These numbers are available free of charge for those in Spain. Calls to these numbers are charged a per minute surcharge.

Get it free

Now you can try a Spanish phone number for free for a few days.

If the number is not removed quickly, it will be removed from your account.

Call answer

Calling your Spanish number to get assistance is the best and easiest way to reach someone. All calls can also be transferred to your regular landline and mobile numbers.

You can see who called you and what number you should call when you get calls from forwarders.

Call forwarding from other countries to regular phone calls is the same as a standard local calling.

There are many other options for calling forwarding. You can also use buy virtual sms phone number to send calls to your team members and answer calls using your voice.


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